Qualcomm reveals the Hanvon C18, the world's thinnest and lightest Mirasol e-reader

Here's another gadget to add to the 'thinnest' and 'lightest' pile

Qualcomm has shown off the Hanvon C18 at CES, the thinnest and lightest e-reader so far built using its energy efficient Mirasol display.

For those that need a recap, Mirasol displays are Qualcomm’s attempt to bridge the gap between e-ink and LCD display technology, serving up full (albeit washed out) colour video and animations, with the small power consumption of an e-ink display.

Chinese manufacturer Hanvon has managed to trim the Hanvon C18 down to 10mm with a weight of 300g, and although this still sounds hefty when compared to Amazon's 8.7mm thin, 170g Kindle (reviewed here), it’s still trimmer than other Mirasol devices like the Kyobo e-reader and Bambook Sunflower.

The added benefit of the Hanvon C18’s Mirasol display is its handwriting recognition ability, though how useful this will be in practice remains to be seen.

Sadly the Hanvon C18 will only be available in China for the time being. But still, here’s hoping for a future of even thinner and lighter devices which make use of this potentially killer tech…

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