Qualcomm to release Snapdragon GameCommand platform early next year

Qualcomm brings the fight to Nvidia's Tegra Zone with its shiny new GameCommand app

Yesterday's Qualcomm UK media webcast saw the chip giant introduce GameCommand – an Android game discovery app dedicated to showcasing titles that will take full advantage of its upcoming S4 mobile Snapdragon processor.

GameCommand (released early next year) will feature Snapdragon-powered device exclusives, including a special edition remake of the classic space shooter Galaga, as well as editable RSS feeds for the latest gaming news in between fragging sessions.

Dave Durnil, director of content and gaming stated that "discovery is an issue on Google's Android marketplace" – a sentiment echoed by the likes of Nvidia, whose Tegra Zone app is used as a platform for Tegra-powered games that might otherwise be lost in the marketplace.

Stuff asked Rob Chandhok, senior VP of software strategy if they saw Nvidia's Tegra 3 platform as a threat, to which he replied – "Tegra 3 doesn't concern us as we focus on a whole family of products, not single instance products like Tegra 3". 

Those are fighting words if we've ever heard them – and we can't wait to see what the next generation of silicon wars will bring to the table.

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