Pure Sirocco plays nice with iPhone

Pure has launched the first DAB micro system to get stamped with Apple's official "Works with iPhone" label.The Sirocco 150 is a fully featu

The Sirocco 150 is a fully featured DAB and FM radio complete CD, SD and USB connectivity, as well as of course an iPhone/iPod dock.

For the tracks you haven't moved over to iTunes, the Sirocco 150 also enables MP3 and WMA playback, and one remote will allow you to control all the different inputs.

With 25 watts RMS of tuneage, you'll get big sound from a small unit, as well as a sleep timer, alarm and stereo headphone socket.

The Sirocco 150 will be available from June for £149.99. See what we thought to Pure's Evoke-2S and One Mini DABs, to see if the Sirocco 150 could be for you.