Pure planning a video-packing DAB radio?

The Pure Sensia may have only just made its debut today, but the Twittering DAB radio could be due a video-packing sibling pretty soon.We got hands-on

We got hands-on with the new kit earlier today and were pretty surprised to see that despite its lovely 5.7-inch screen, the Sensia had a 3.5mm input instead of an iPod dock – and therefore no way of viewing iPod videos on its larger screen.

When asked why this was, Pure told Stuff that it hadn't wanted to get away from the fact that the Sensia is still a core radio product – but also said it wouldn't rule out video for future versions.

So when could we see such a device? Pure was tightlipped on any further information, but it certainly seems like something we can expect from the company at some point down the line.

While we wait for that though, the Pure Sensia is due out in October for £250. You can check out our hands-on pictures and first impressions over at the blogs, and check out our top 10 DAB radios to see what it's up against.