Pure One Elite gets official nod

The Pure One has always been right up there when it comes to top–notch, affordable radios. But the new One Elite is set to give it a hearty slap

Taking its cue from the original, the One Elite rocks a slew of killer features, with a massive 50 station presets, separate bass and treble controls and ReVu tech for pausing and rewinding live radio.

Add to that an insane 35 hours of playback from a standard charge, or 70 if you use bogstandard batteries and a USB socket for future updates and you’re looking at a winner.

And just to assuage your inner guilt about your seemingly futile gadget collection, the One Elite has got the thumbs up from the Energy Saving Trust, meaning it won’t eat into your leccy bill or destroy the environment. Nice work.

But aside from all that global warming flimflam, the real news is that this comes in at a penny shy of £70. We’ll take three. But do we go for the black, white or cream version?


Pure One Elite

Price: £69.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Pure