Pure Music goes live with free one-month trial

On-demand tunes from the cloud to your digital radio, smartphone and computer for £5 a month? Yes, please
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Remember how we sensed Pure Music would launch in January? Well you can dress us in a black veil, give us a crystal ball and call us Nostradamus – Pure Music has gone live with a one-month free trial if you sign up now.

That means you’ll be able to stream tunes to your smartphone (perhaps docked in Pure’s new 200i Air), digital radio (perhaps Pure’s new 200D Connect) or computer whenever you feel the need for speed metal (or whatever it is you like listening to).

Pure has scooped deals with all four major labels, allowing it to launch with a massive catalogue of tracks, including an exclusive outing for Adele’s chart-magnet 21 album, which is unavailable on other music streaming services (eat that, Spotify).

Pure Music is also belting its biggest competitor on price, offering unlimited ad-free streaming for a monthly sub of £4.99 (compared to Spotify’s £9.99 Premium account that offers similar functionality). Spotify has the advantage of offering caching, but Pure Music will follow suit, though we expect that to come in at the same price as the Spotify Premium service.

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At the moment the service is UK only, but international music fans should see Pure Music being rolled out this year. To get a look in at the free one-month trial, hit up Pure Music’s site, crank it up and turn it loose.

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