Pure Jongo S3 now available, bringing multiroom music to the masses

It’s cheap, it’s cheerful and it’s here – Pure’s Jongo S3 comes along to shake up multiroom music systems with a tempting price tag

Pure – better known as a purveyor of DAB radios – last year revealed its multiroom music system intentions. Earlier this year, it unveiled yet more additions to the Jongo range. And now, the first components of the Pure Jongo family are finally available to buy.

For the relatively bargain price of £170 (a Sonos Play:3 will set you back £250) you can now get your own Pure Jongo S3 and start connecting it to other Jongo S3s. Pure says its T6 stereo speaker and A2 hi-fi interface will also be available in the next couple of months. The kit hooks up iwht the free Pure Connect app for iPad or iPhone, which comes with a one-month free trial of Pure Music thrown in (usually from £5 a month).

We’ll have a full review soon to tell you whether the Jongo system is a bargain at this price, or whether you’re better off investing in the more expensive Sonos kit. One thing we’re not sure of is whether Pure intends to follow Sonos’ lead and make a soundbar.

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