Pump up the volume with the Ora iPad case

Objekt's Kickstarter project adds a whopping eight speakers to your iPad

Let's be honest – Apple's track record with audio isn't great. Sure, the new EarPod speakers are an improvement, but the speakers on the iPhone 5 and iPad are comparatively feeble.

Objekt's aiming to fix that with its Ora iPad case – which adds a whopping eight speakers to banish tinny sound forever. It's up to five times louder than the iPad's own speakers, according to Objekt.

The Ora case also packs in a battery that's good for 10 hours of unplugged play time – and it charges off the same 30-pin connector as your iPad. That's just as well, because you have to clip your iPad inside the Ora and screw it in. Fortunately, Objekt's also created an Ora Cover, similar to the Smart Cover, which lets you prop up your iPad and protect its screen while it's in the case.

The Ora's currently touting for funds on Kickstarter – check out the pitch video below. The cheapest model is available for US$100, and it's up to US$13,500 with 40 days to go – so there's a good chance it'll be bringing the noise to your iPad soon. Hopefully that means Objekt will create a Lightning-equipped version for owners of the new iPad and iPad Mini.

[Kickstarter via designboom]

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