PSP phone – has Sony got something in the pipeline?

This week has seen the PSP go from oft–forgotten gaming gadget to the ultimate device for gadgeteers to gossip over. We've heard talk of a slide out P

It's all down to a reshuffle in the Sony board room. PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai has been tasked with heading up the new Sony Networked Products and Services division, putting him in charge of Walkmans, Vaios and "new mobile products" according to an official statement.

He's been told to get PSN into a string of other devices, including mobile goodies. With Sony telling their siblings at Sony Ericsson that they can't make a PSP phone, perhaps they're planning something in–house instead.

Obviously we're marking this one firmly as a rumour, but be in no doubt that Sony has something big planned for the PSP in 2009.

Via Electricpig