PSP Go gets price drop already

The PSP Go has been on the shelves less than a week but already a whole host of retailers are dropping the price below Sony’s MSRP.Appearing on

Appearing on shelves last week for £224.99, now places such as Amazon, Play, HMV and Game have all dropped the price to £199.99.

Of course this price drop is bound to attract whispers that the handheld isn’t doing as well as expected.

However as the price tag for the new handheld had been considered by gamers to pretty expensive, it’s more probable that the retailers have dropped their prices to remain competitive and attract more customers.

It’s still a bit pricey for a handheld to say the least, but any price cut in the run up to Christmas can only be good news.

Let us know if you’ll be buying a PSP Go below, and be sure to check out our hands on video to find out if we reckon it’s worth your cash.

Via: Joystiq