PSP 2 – rumours now say there's no touchscreen

The PSP 2 trail has gone cold of late, following a spate of gossip about a touchscreen reinvention of Sony's hot handheld hub. Well, it seems chatter

PlayStation LifeStyle says it's got hold of the Big S's plans for an "entirely unique" handheld device, that won't be dubbed the PSP 2. So far, so controversial. But it also reckons that there'll be no touchscreen, no UMD drive and no dual analogue sticks.

This throws everyone completely off the scent, with suggestions of a multtitouch maven becoming rife of late. You can be certain that plenty more gossip will find its way online in the coming weeks.

What we do know is that something is slated for release later this year, with an announcement most likely to be made at E3 in LA this June.