PS4 plays used games, undercuts Xbox One by £80

PS4 has no restrictions on used games, doesn't have to be online, and costs just £349

Sony may have just 'won' E3 by delighting the crowd at its keynote with gamer-friendly features and a wallet-friendly price of just £349.

Weapons free

Sony has confirmed that the newly unveiled PS4 will allow gamers to play used games with no restrictions, one of a number of revelations that were met with rapturous applause here at E3.

PS4 users also won't need to authenticate titles by logging online once every 24 hours, unlike the Xbox One who has made it a requirement.

The PS4 will also let you play games as you download them, a feature that was already leaked ahead of today's announcement.

And if you had any worries about how to trade used games Sony has kindly made this instructional video – probably as much for Microsoft to watch as for us.