PS4 launch games revealed – Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub and more

Didn't catch the PS4 launch? Here's the lowdown on all the upcoming games for Sony's next gen gaming powerhouse

Sony's PlayStation event might have lacked an actual console to show off, but there were still plenty of mouth watering games dangled in front of us to keep us steadily salivating until E3. Here are the games that'll have us scrabbling for change down the back of the sofa over the next year and a half.



Knack sees you take control of the titular robot in a cartoon adventure battling goblins. Knack's a tiny automaton that can summon hundreds of smaller components to him, shifting from giant smashing machine to miniature stealth bot. An action-puzzler with a Pixar vibe, it looks like a lot of fun for green gamers and veterans alike.


Killzone: Shadow Fall

Shown off in real-time, Killzone: Shadow Fall looks pretty enough, despite its cookie-cutter first person shooter formula. The demo, believe it or not, shows the player running off a building and leaping onto a helicopter. Cliché much? Still, dangling above the city clutching onto a rope and shooting the bad guys looked like good fun.



A fresh-faced addition to the driving genre garage, DriveClub promises real-time racing challenges with other players with a first-person driving view as the main sell. The cars look amazing, with components rendered in eye-watering detail – even the metallic flakes in the paint and the nap of the suede upholstery in the cars has been rendered. But DriveClub's key selling point isn't the accuracy of the motors, but the way it takes advantage of the PS4's social gaming features – fire up the associated mobile app and you can set challenges for drivers across the world, teaming up with your own club to take them on.


Bungie's first person shooter/MMO alien-shooter hybrid has a darker feel than the Halo universe with more emphasis placed on co-op gameplay, which sees you teaming up with your mates to help save the human race against aliens. Destiny should definitely be on your wishlist. It'll also be landing on the Xbox 720, and although Sony has announced exclusive PS4 content, we'd be very surprised if Microsoft hasn't snapped up some exclusive goodies of its own.


Watch Dogs

We've been drooling over Ubisoft's Watch Dogs ever since we first saw it at E3 last year and it looks more impressive than ever. With stunning graphics and innovative gameplay that lets you hack into people's devices and the infrastructure of the city to deal out justice, it looks set to be one of the first big hitters of the next generation.

Diablo III

Blizzard's Diablo III will be making the move from PC to console and is confirmed to land on the PlayStation 4. Although we weren't treated to any footage, we do know that there'll be support for four-player local co-op. Lets hope our telly is big enough…


Deep Down

Capcom's Deep Down (a working title) left our mouths gaping with its real-time facial animation and menacing dragon whose fire looks as impressive – rendered in the new Panta Rhei engine – as it is deadly. Three classes, a monk, a warrior and an archer, were on show – we can't wait for more info on this impressive looking title.


inFamous: Second Son

inFamous might not be the most successful PlayStation series but that hasn't stopped this sequel from setting it sights on the PS4. With a lengthy preamble that set up an Orwellian surveillance society – soon to be rocked by the arrival of superpowered characters – it certainly showed off some impressive visuals. Whether that translates to actual gameplay remains to be seen.


Final Fantasy

Square Enix surprised no one by announcing that another Final Fantasy was on its way – but disappointingly only showed off the same video from last year's E3. Let's hope there'll be more on show in June at this year's E3.


The Witness

This first person indie puzzler from Braid creator Jonathan Blow has already won us over with its crisp and clean graphics and diverse environments – although we're still not totally sure what the gameplay involves at this early stage. The aim, according to Blow, is to create an open world that's small, but perfectly formed – with every object and location purposefully placed. It's nice to have the grey matter sweated out every once in a while, and The Witness looks set to give our brains a workout.

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