PS4 concept render pieces together Sony's teaser clues

Another PlayStation 4 concept hits the interwebs, teasing us with its angled edges and multitude of vents. E3 can't come soon enough...
Sony PS4

The internets are all giving and when it comes to images of the Sony PS4 we can't think of a better place to render what is to come

PS4 concept render pieces together Sony's teaser clues

A second Reddit user has jumped onto the PS4 render bandwagon, piecing together a 3D concept PS4 design based on the nano-second flashes of the console in the official PS4 teaser trailer.

Unlike the previous render which had vents slathered all over the front, Redditor MrSmooth's latest attempt keeps the cooling holes at the back for a cleaner look.

The three different coloured materials make a return and we're quite fond of the front angled edge, which we presume holds the Blu-ray disc slot.

This latest designs looks rather nice standing up too, while a neon blue light which should light up your living room rather nicely.

Join us at E3 next onto to find out how close (or far) these latest renders are from the real deal.

[Imgur via Reddit]