This £32,000 dining room table belongs on the Death Star

Darth Vader didn't host many dinner parties, but if he did, this slab of carbon fibre wizardry would be the centrepiece

It's not very often that we drool over pieces of furniture here at Stuff Towers (though our five of the best geek desks and geek chair roundups are certainly worth a look) but this monolithic dining room centrepiece deserves to be shown off.

Forged from carbon fibre, this 12ft-long dining room (or indeed, war room) table has only one huge slab of a leg, with a tabletop that tapers to just 5mm thin.

Christened the Monolito and Megalito by British designer Jules Sturgess, its harsh angles and circular cutouts would perfectly compliment the interior of a certain heavy-breathing Sith Lord's abode. If he could afford the US$50,500 (£32,000) price tag that is.

[Jules Sturgess via Luxury Launches]

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