PS3 Slim to hit shelves in September?

With Gamescom starting next week, the rumours are hotting up about the highly-anticipated-but-still-unconfirmed PS3 Slim, with whispers now suggesting

The news comes from a loose-lipped French retailer, who anonymously tipped off French media site JVN that the PS3 Slim was indeed real and set to hit shelves across Europe sometime in September.

Even better than this is the news that the retailer said it would come with a slimmed down €300 (£257) price tag as well, a discount of €100 on the current price.

Although we can't guarantee this price cut will be exactly translated over here, we'd expect it will point to at least a slight shaving off the price for us Brits as well – despite Sony's constant denials of any price cuts in the pipeline.

There's not much longer to wait until Gamescom so hopefully everything will be much clearer by next week. As always we'll keep you updated with everything we hear – let us know if you think we'll be getting the PS3 Slim next month, or if it's just a load of rumour and speculation.

Via: Joystiq