PS3 shifts 2 million in UK

Sony has confirmed it has flogged 2 million PS3s here in the UK, two years after its rather muted launch here in Blighty. That compares to 3.2 million

Still, with just two years on the British market and at a price that gives most gadget fans nightmares, those aren't terrible figures. According to SCEE's head Ray Maguire, it means the PS3 is well placed to dominate as the other hubs lose their gloss.

"If you just go for price at the moment it must mean, by looking at the stats, that the cycle will be shorter for those which are not so forward-facing, compared to PlayStation 3, which has clearly got many years to run."

If that projected price cut shows up, then maybe, just maybe, the PS3 will take top spot yet.

Via Eurogamer