PS3 price cut set for April?

Sony spent a large chunk of late 2008 batting off rumours about an imminent PS3 price cut. But now the same talk has reared its head again, with analy

Games analyst Michael Pachter told the chaps at MCV that the 80GB model would drop to $299 in the US in April. That would most likely put the basic Sony home hub down to £250 here in the UK.

The suggestions are not too unlikely. The PS3 took a pasting from the Xbox 360 over Christmas and with Sony reportedly set to announce £1bn losses in the next few weeks, making the PS3 affordable is surely the way forward.

With standalone Blu–Ray players now dropping in price, surely Sony will want to get in on the action and turn its still niche HD format into a proper replacement for regular DVDs.

We've got a call in with Sony to find out their plans, so stay tuned for news as we get it.


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