PS3 gets on-demand ITV and Channel 4

Sony's PlayStation has clinched a deal to feed you TV when you're not gaming or watching Blu-ray discs

ITV Player and 4oD, the broadcasters’ respective online services, are set to become the next video providers dropping onto the PS3. That means you’ll be able to ogle the likes of Coronation Street and The Inbetweeners.

And it’s not stopping with the PS3, at least as far as ITV is concerned. Keen to up its digital distribution game, the company is reportedly looking at bringing ITV Player to other platforms: games consoles, tablet computers and web-connected TVs.

4oD, meanwhile, has not ruled out making an appearance on the PS3’s great rival the Xbox 360 – although according to a spokeswoman, Microsoft hasn’t been actively looking to make new deals with TV companies. At the moment, SkyPlayer is the only on demand TV service available on the Xbox 360.

[via the Guardian]

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