PS3 2.41 update out ‘midweek’

Having pulled the much–vaunted 2.40 update last week, Sony is said to be readying 2.41 for release by ‘midweek’, according to CVG.No

No official announcement has yet been named, but the suggestion is that you’ll be able to restire your PS3 to full health by Wednesday, if it was bricked by last week's 2.40 update.

That means full in–game cross media bar (XMB) and trophies will finally go live without any glitches. Considering the build up to 2.40 was so big, let’s hope it works this time round, for Sony’s sake at least. A costly mistake with the likes of PlayStation Home, due in autumn, and they could be in deep trouble.

We’re onto Sony to get an official release about the new firmware, so we’ll keep you bang up–to–date. If you’ve had any issues with 2.40, be sure to let us know in the comments section and on the forums.