Project Holodeck bringing VR back with a vengeance

University team dreams up a fully immersive virtual reality experience to put you inside your video games

Star Trek's holodeck is, for many, the Holy Grail of gaming: rather than sitting on your sofa and staring at a screen, you're actually inside the game. And a team from the University of Southern California are working to make it a (virtual) reality.

Project Holodeck is a work-in-progress concept that uses VR headsets, PS Move sensors and Razer Hydra Sixense motion controllers to turn your body into a controller inside a fully virtual game space. Even peripheral vision is simulated, and fans can add extra wind effects.

It's still a long way from being integrated into a home console, but the team claims to be in talks with several games companies and Disney – so it could end up becoming an actual product one day. Beam us up.

[via SlashGear]

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