Project Canvas officially unveiled as YouView

YouView, the all encompassing web-connected TV service, formerly known as Project Canvas, has been officially outed

The much-talked about Project Canvas has been a long time coming. It was given the all clear some time ago, but has now been officially outed and rebranded as YouView.

The internet-enabled set-top box is a combination of digital TV, with free on demand services from the likes of BBC's iPlayer and 4OD, as well as other interactive goodies, which could all be yours for a one off price. Best of all there's no subscription fees, although the option to pay for extra content will be there. And all you need is a broadened connection.

The service, a joint partnership between BT, BBC, ITV, Ch 4, TalkTalk, Arqiva and Five, is due to arrive in living rooms early next year and will introduce a load of features to enhance your viewing experience. This includes programme guides for catching up on shows from the previous seven days, the ability to record entire series and search for programmes by type, as well as pause and rewind live TV. The app bandwagon has also been jumped on with plans to offer new kinds of services and interactivity through applications.

It's been dubbed "the future of television" (surprisingly by YouView) but of course not everyone is happy; and it goes without saying this could have a damaging effect on the digital services offered by the likes of Sky and Virgin Media who have already expressed their complaints and concerns about the future of net-enabled TV.

The price and list of manufactures who've hopped on board are currently unknown, but it's likely to be offered for more pocket friendly prices as part of broadband packages. We'll be keeping our ears to the ground for more information on the new service, so watch this space.