Print your own headphones

Dog ruined your headphones again? No problem – just print off another pair and you're good to go

If printing a gun is a little too much for your pacifism to handle then you'll be glad to hear that you can make music – not war – with your very own homemade 3D-printed headphones.

Designer John Mabry's 13.30 headphones (named after the amount of time it took to make them) were created using parts forged by a  high-end 3D printer which were then assembled into their final form, simply by snapping them together.

Mabry's design has a list of suggested sources for electrical components such as the drivers and wires and you won't even need to solder anything thanks to the hassle-free design.

The design is being revised to work with more accessible 3D printers like the MakerBot, and we for one are looking forward to a future where we can print off replacement parts instead of forking out money every time we accidentally sit on our expensive cans.