PrimaLuna pumps out valve–based disc spinner

Let’s face it, that dinky Argos CD player you’ve got kicking around isn’t doing your vast collection of poodle rock any favours is i

Which is why you should probably try and lay your hands on this PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight. It’s a valve–based beast, meaning it chucks out super clear sound, with ‘low jitter movements’. If you’re in any doubt that’s most certainly a GOOD THING.

You’ll get top–end upsampling, plus digital–to–analogue conversion for your cash. Which, by the way, you’ll need a lot of. £1,590 to be precise. The chaps at PrimaLuna have told us it’s as good as players twice the price. It certainly looks a hell of a lot better than any duff plastic models, that’s for sure.

Now excuse us, we’re off to try ours out and do some rocking to Heart. Happy days.


PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight

Price: £1,590

On sale: Now

Contact: PrimaLuna