Price comparison on your mob

You're in Dixons, you want to know how much the NW-HD5 is over at Currys. Who you gonna call? Kelkoo! Or you could call Currys...

Bargain-hunters, rejoice - Kelkoo's just launched a mobile phone edition of its fine penny-saving price comparison service. It's not the first, but it is the biggest.

You can access it for free via on any WAP phone - that's virtually any moby made after 2000 - and check up-to-the-minute prices on roughly 3 million different products. Kelkoo's search is mighty comprehensive, too, including such high street luminaries as Comet, PC World, John Lewis, Argos and Richer Sounds.

First impressions are good, but we reckon Froogle and Pricerunner will follow suit swiftly. Let's hope they all fare better than early forerunners such as Scan.