Pre-order Pro Evo 2012 and get an OnLive console for free

It might not be FIFA but paying £30 for a game with a £70 console chucked in for free sounds like a solid deal to us

OnLive is currently running a rather tempting promotion in which you can pre-order Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 for £30 and get an OnLive system (worth £70) thrown in for free.

Even if you're firmly in the FIFA camp – or wouldn't touch a sports game with a 10ft barge pole – it's a tempting offer if, like us, you've been eying up OnLive's console recently.

There's no solid release date for Pro Evo 2012 at the moment, but you can still head on over here to pre-order both the game and console in one fell money-saving swoop. Game on.

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