Poll – What's your main photographic weapon of choice?

Smartphones, tablets, headcams, compacts and DSLRs all take photos – but which one snaps the majority of yours?

The camera has changed a fair bit since its formative years in the mid-nineteenth century. Back then you needed bellows and a mobile dark-room – these days we're spoilt for choice with DLSRs, compacts, Micro Four Thirds, smartphones, tablets and now the next-gen iPod Nano all sporting camera lenses.

But which gadget takes the majority of your photos? Do you still swear by the optics and reassuring heft of a DSLR? Or do you (honestly, now) mostly rely on the convenience and app-enhanced versatility of your smartphone's camera, with specialist devices as back-up for special occasions?

Vote and leave your comments below, and they could appear in the June issue of Stuff (4th May).

What's your main photographic weapon of choice?customer surveys