Poll – What's the best gadget for reading books?

If you're lucky, it'll soon be time to pack your holiday bags. But which book-reading gadget will make your case?

Remember books? Those quaint little bundles of ink-splattered paper certainly had their charm, but now tech is ready to take reading into a more convenient and luggage-friendly era.

The only question is, which gadget is best for the job? Amazon's Kindle has e-Ink on its side, which means no eye-straining backlight and easy visibility in daylight. Then there's Apple's iPad 2, with its growing iBooks store and swish colour touchscreen. But at a time when we spend an increasing number of hours on the move, surely a media player crammed with audiobooks is the gold standard for prolific readers?

Cast your vote below and leave your thoughts in the comments box – they could appear in the July issue of Stuff (on shelves 1st June).


What's your favourite gadget for reading books?online survey