Poll finds one in two X360s fail

Roughly one in two Xbox 360s break down. That's the shocking finding from a poll of 5,000 gamers by US game mag Game Informer.Sure there's a debate to

Sure there's a debate to be had about whether the poll overestimates the problem, but still - 54.2 per cent. Ouch. It looks even worse when you compare it to the finding that 10.6 per cent of PlayStation 3s and 6.8 per cent of Wiis croak it.

Sure today's consoles are more complex so there's a greater risk of something going pear-shaped, but that doesn't explain why the PS3 failure rate is more in line with the less-sophisticated Wii than the X360.

Game Informer's poll suggests few X360 owners are concerned - just 3.8 per cent say they won't buy another Xbox as a result.

But we shouldn't have to put up with such levels of failure in the first place. Let's hope that Microsoft pay more attention to such problems when the X360's successor comes along.

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