Polish your porcelain in peace with spy busting bug detector

"Always worried about hidden cameras in ornaments?" asks the Chinavision website. Well, we weren't until now. But it turns out that anyone in America

Thanks to the eagle-eyed chaps at Wired, we can now sleep easily among our collection of Dresden china teapots with this $60 (£36) Spy Wi-Fi Signal and Camera Lens Detector. You can sweep porcelain Pekinese for bugs with the radio detector (it picks up all manner of electronic whisperings from 1Mhz to 65,000Mhz) and scan Meissen sugar dishes for hidden cameras with a 'professional grade IR lens' (also known as 'a piece of orange plastic').

Apparently, you can "take it with you to hotels, motels and make sure no one is watching". Frankly, we don't even want to know what you get up to with those saucy ceramic shepherdesses.