Pogoplug lets external drives live online

Like a pair of trousers designed by, it’s hot pink and stylish. But unlike Stuff’s fictional fashion range, it’s also incre

It’s a plug ‘n’ play unit that let’s you hook up your USB hard drive to share your files with the world via an Ethernet connection. That means you can create your own cloud and access your music, pictures, documents and videos from anywhere without having to take them with you.

You just plug it into your modem or router, hook up your hard drive and hit the road. It’ll even play nicely with your iPhone.

It’s selling for $130 (£80) which makes it a good long-term deal versus the current cost of renting high capacities of memory space in the cloud.

What’s the catch? Well, it’s only surfaced in the States so far, so it probably won’t make it this side of the water until some time next year.