The pocket projector revolution

Samsung and Toshiba have sensibly decreed projectors to be too large and too heavy. Rather than whinge about it down the supermarket, they've both produced Mac Mini-sized projectors using fancy pants new LED tech

Samsung and Toshiba are shrinking the projector down to Mac Mini dimensions.

The Toshiba LED Projector - pictued - and the Samsung Pocket Imager both use LEDs to achieve their Lilliputian dimensions.

That's good because it means no noisy fan and a projector you could carry around in a backpack. Bad, because from what we've seen they require Blitz-curtained rooms - neither model is that bright - and suffer from fairly ropey image quality.

Specs are similar. Both manage a fairly low 800 x 600 resolution and there's not much to call in weight, the Samsung tipping the scales at 650g and the Tosh coming in at a more feathery 565g. In the design stakes, the Samsung is far more handsome - the milled front is particularly tasty.

For now, this first gen is designed very much for Powerpoint presentations and the like, but Tosh and Samsung are both keen to big up the potential for home cinema.

Although pricing and availability are currently unannounced, we understand the pair are likely to be here before Christmas.

Photography by We'll have better pics for your delectation shortly.