Plug-in Toyota Prius due in 2011

The Prius PHEV, the first version of Toyota's uber-trendy electric car to charge from a standard wall socket, will go on sale in 2011. At least, that'

If the new model features the same batter pack included in prototypes currently whirring their way around Japan, Europe and North American, it'll have a range of around 30km with a full charge. OK for city travel but hardly ready to for a roadtrip.

However, the Prius PHEV's range could well get a boost before it hits the market. What we do know is that it'll be pricey, which is fitting given its popularity with Hollywood megastars and eco-concious celebs.

The Toyota Prius PHEV should go on aale in Japan for around ¥4.5m (£29,000). That's more than twice the standard model's current asking price of ¥2m (£15,900).

The ability to plug the Prius PHEV straight into a standard wall socket could help to further encourage the mainstream adoption of electric cars. But what do you think? Is the Prius desirable or a little too low voltage for your liking?

(via RegHardware)