PlayTV coming to UK in July

If you’re hankering for a spot of TV on your PS3, then today’s your lucky day. Amazon has revealed that the PlayTV add–on will be ar

The box will turn your Sony hub into a full–on TV power house, packing dual tuners and a seven day EPG, letting you snag Freeview shows and watch them back once you’ve crawled home from the pub.

Programmes will be stored straight onto the PS3’s 40GB hard drive, which should give you plenty of room for a few episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford and World’s Most Amazing Videos. Mind you, start stashing movies and you’ll probably start bemoaning the complete lack of 80GB hubs on these shores.

Forgetting storage quibbles, the good news is it’ll clock in at a penny shy of £60, a whole twenty quid cheaper than the original RRP.

Should go nicely with that Slim PS3 we’ll be seeing later this year.


Sony PlayTV

Price: £60

On sale: 31st July

Contact: Sony