PlayStation Video Store promo uses 3D projection mapping to blow our minds

Sony's new promos put one guy's sofa into another dimension

Sony has released three mind-boggling new promos for the PlayStation Video Store. 

The videos use a single actor on a sofa in a white room set and Studio Output, the agency tasked by Sony to create the videos, claims they were made in one cut with no post production work, making them all the more impressive.

Using a PlayStation Move controller attached to the steadicam made it possible to get the deep 3D feel as the background perspective shifts with the camera movements. This is especially noticeable in the first video where the guy's sitting room suddenly turns into what looks like the Cerebro machine from X-men. It doesn't seem to phase him too much, though.

Oh, and there are a few 'invisible' helpers in morph suits behind the scenes, too. Does anyone remember Matrix Ping Pong?

There's also a space for a making-of video on the PlayStation Video Store homepage, so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Check them out below:



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