PlayStation turns 15 – PlayStation by numbers

The not-so-humble Playstation has turned 15! The most popular games console ever is well into its terrible teens now, and has certainly had its fair s

269.7m - Total PlayStation sales, since launch. That's 2.5 times the population of London and Manchester combined!

140.7m - Total PS2 sales. Not bad for a 10-year-old console that's still expected to sell 5 million units in FY 09/10.

27m - Total PS3 sales to date.

14,183,100,000 (inches cubed) - The space occupied by all PS3s sold

13m - Global forecast PS3 sales, FY 09/10. Considering they've only sold 27m in 3 years so far, that might be a tad optimistic.

17.33m - Copies of GTA: San Andreas sold for PS2, making it the best selling Playstation game of all time.

10.85m - Copies sold of Gran Turismo, the best selling PS1 game

4.5m - Copies sold of MGS: Guns of the Patriots sold, the best selling PS3 game

2.632 billion - Total number of PlayStation games shipped.

52.640 billion - At an average of 20 hours per game, that’s how long it would take to get through all of them. The Earth would go around the sun 6,005,148 times by then!

Nearly 2m - Number of LittleBigPlanet unique users

+1210 - Total PS3 titles available worldwide

+10,360 - Total PS2 titles available worldwide

+31m - Global registered PlayStation Network accounts

58 - Number of countries PSN is available in

£174.2m - Total PSN sales. That's about $285m, which is the value of Newcastle United Football Club in 2009, according to Forbes.

+600m - Items downloaded via PSN

£425 - The cost of the PS3 in the UK at launch