PlayStation turns 15 – 5 wackiest tales from the PS3 launch

They're a curious bunch, hardcore PlayStation fans. People often queue up for days for their favourite gadgets, but only PS3 queues get the dubious ho

1) Going once…

Where there are crazy fans, there are people looking to profit from them. One enterprising fellow got the 55th place in his PS3 line, then went back to the end and tried to sell his spot for $500. It's unknown if he actually found a buyer but odds are there was someone mad enough to do it.

2) Giving birth? It can wait

Ok, hardcore fans do crazy things for their favourite console, but this is could be going a bit far. A woman who was 9 months pregnant queued up in New Jersey so she could get a brand spanking PS3. While she was having contractions. Which she chose to ignore. Now that’s some crazy dedication.

3) If I were a rich man

Life was so much simpler before the recession hit. Everything could be bought on credit and rich people could get what they wanted, when they wanted, without anyone kicking up a fuss. Like this Georgia dentist, who hired 60 temps to stand in PS3 lines, so he could get 15 consoles for his extended family. The line-goers rotated every 8 hours and Engadget estimates the whole process cost Dr. Murry Newlin $23,400. We think that’s what you call more money than sense.

4) But it's cold!

Normally we’re a calm bunch, but we can cut these guys some slack, because Wal-Mart certainly didn't. A group of people were waiting in line for their PS3 in California, not harming anyone at all, when they were shooed out and told to wait on the pavement. Winter had already set in by then, so fair play to those who kicked up enough of a fuss to shut down the store while police restored calm.

5) He loves me, he loves me not

And finally, another politician gives us an unintentional good laugh. Former U.S. Senator John Edwards wanted some shiny new PS3s, so like any good politician he told one of his underlings to arrange for one. Unfortunately, said underling put in a call to Wal-Mart, whom Edwards had criticised days before for their alleged unfair treatment of employees.

Wal-Mart quickly put out a cheeky press release, asking Edwards to check out the rest of their holiday lineup, and not to try cutting the queue. When last reported, they were still trying to dig up the remains of the staffer who messed up…