PlayStation Home finally hitting next week?

When it comes to the PS3, 2008 can only be described as something of a 'mare for Sony. Failed updates, PlayTV delays and a hefty price tag haven't hel

Well, today, there's good news when it comes to Sony's virtual planet. According to a report in The Times, the service is now 'slated for release in the next 10 days' bringing it into line with Sony's promise that we'd see it by the year's end.

The planned service has been beset by delays, with the release slipping from a planned spring unveiling. Sony's beta testing in November came with the announcement that a release wouldn't be long coming. It looks like that date is now imminent.

What do you think of PlayStation Home? Is it worth the hassle? Or will it be the making of the PS3? Let us know aht you think in the comments section.


PlayStation Home

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