The PlayStation 4 could be called Orbis and have a 2013 release date

Sony's next-gen games console could be getting a Latin moniker alongside its powerful innards

The latest whisperings on the interwebs suggest that Sony's next generation games console, the PlayStation 4, will in fact be called the Orbis and will be released in time for Christmas 2013.

This information comes courtesy of Kotaku's anonymous source, who has reportedly given reliable and correct information to the gaming blog in the past.

Orbis is Latin for "circle" – and "Orbis Vita" can be translated as the circle of life, suggesting that someone at Sony has a classical education, and that we can expect to see deep integration between the PlayStation 4 Orbis and Sony's already released PlayStation Vita handheld console (reviewed here).

It's too early to tell if Orbis is a code name like the next-gen Xbox Durango, but hitting up will take you to Sony's developer network site – suggesting that it's a genuine code name at the very least.

Specs wise the PlayStation 4 Orbis development kits are said to be currently packing an AMD x64 CPU with an AMD Southern Islands GPU, which is apparently able to churn out mighty 4096x21960 resolutions as well as 1080p 3D content.

Fans of backwards compatibility won't be too happy as Sony is said to have no plans to include it in the Orbis. Second-hand games purchases will also be extinguished, thanks to discs and downloadable games being locked to PSN accounts.

Time will tell if any of these rumours come to fruition, and with confirmation that no PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 news will be revealed at this year's E3, it looks like we'll have to wait quite a while longer for any substantial answers.

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