PlayDigital now completely DRM–free

It seems everyone wants to get on the DRM–free bus right now. 7Digital has already unveiled their copy protection free download site and now Pla

The download store from the chaps at now has all the majors on board, beating Amazon MP3 to the punch. EMI had already signed on the dotted line, but now Sony BMG, Warner and Universal have all chimed in with their support.

That means that any track you can imagine is pretty much covered over at Play, with 3 million now up for grabs. And with the Top 100 tracks costing 65p each, we reckon it's a bit of a bargain. Other tunes come in at 79p, with albums starting at £4.99.

What this means for subscription services like Nokia Comes With Music remians to be seen. But with the chance to stick all your music on whatever player you fancy, we think the likes of Play may just win out in the end.



Price: Tracks from 65p

On sale: Now

Contact: Play