Play TV shackled by DRM

With Play TV mere weeks away, and with a decent £70 price tag, we were all set for a heavy session of snaffling 1080i goodies and transferring o

Now, however, Sony has apparently decided to throw some pesky DRM into the mix. According to the thumb twiddlers at EuroGamer, this means you'll have to record shows via Remote Play on your PSP to watch them out and about, rather than sticking them on a memory stick and transferring them as and when. Worse, you won't be able to move shows from your PS3 to your PC or another PS3.

Add to that news that HD recording will not be available at launch, and you're looking at one of the year's more unappealing gadget add-ons. Sony says it's working on this, but with DRM rearing its head once again, we can't help but think that Play TV is going to struggle.

What do you think? Is Play TV going to be a winner, or has Sony already signed its death warrant? Let us know what you think in the comments section.