Play TV for PS3 clocks in at £70

Sony has once again confirmed that Play TV for the PS3 – which turns your gaming hub into a TV tuner – will drop next month, for the strip

When it was initially given the official go–ahead for 10 September back in July, the price was slated to be around the £100 mark, in line with a similar price tag across the channel.

Play TV will record shows in 1080i HD, allowing you to store them on the PS3’s hard drive. It’ll have its own EPG and will even let you snaffle programmes via your PSP using Remote Play. Ideal if you're thinking of getting a new 80GB PS3.

So there you have it – it might have been delayed, but at least it comes in cheaper than we first thought. Keep an eye out for a full in-depth review here at


Play TV

Price: £69.99

On sale: 10 September

Contact: Sony