Play TV coming to PS3 10 September

Sony has finally given an official date for the Play TV add–on for PS3. Gamers will be able to record and stash their favourite TV shows via the

Originally slated for release this month, Play TV will allow you to snaffle any content you want while playing games, all thanks to the new 2.41 firmware update.

The accessory is home to a freeview tuner, with the console upscaling pics to an eyeball–friendly 1080i. So no need to go through the faff of getting Freesat installed then. And if you’re in a Wi–Fi hotspot, you can use Remote Play to record shows via your PSP. Clever Sony.

Looks like that 80GB PS3 coming out at the end of August is going to be well worth the money. Sony says Play TV will cost €99, with a UK price to follow.


Play TV for PS3

Price: £TBA

On sale: 10 September

Contact: Sony