Play Crysis 3 on a PC the size of a burger

Gigabyte’s tiny Brix II range includes a model equipped with beefy Intel Iris Pro graphics
Gigabyte Brix II

PCs have been getting smaller for ages, but generally the dinkiest of models are woeful when it comes to playing games thanks to a reliance on underpower integrated graphics. Anything much more demanding than Minesweeper and they’re found wanting.

Happily that’s not the case with a new Brix model from Gigabyte. Just 4.5 inches square and a couple of inches tall, it’s a barebones PC featuring an Intel Haswell chip with Iris Pro graphics. Now, Iris Pro is integrated into the Haswell processor, but Intel says it offers around three times the performance of the Intel HD Graphics 4000 chip it’s replacing – about as powerful as a non-integrated Nvidia GeForce GT 950M graphics card, in fact.

A pocket rocket

The Verge has played Dirt II at 1080p on the Iris-equipped Brix II and report that it looked and ran “fantastic”. Apparently it can even run the intensely demanding Crysis 3, albeit with the settings tuned down.

The Brix II will cost around U$500-$600 (£320-£380) when it launches this December and, aside from the Intel processor, features Wi-Fi, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, four USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet and a 3.5mm audio jack. But as a barebones machine, you’ll have to shell out extra for RAM, a 2.5in hard drive and an operating system.

[Via The Verge]