PiVOT display puts things into perspective

Who says a display has to display one thing at a time? Not the University of Bristol, that's who

The University of Bristol's computer science department has revealed a tabletop display that can show multiple displays at once.

Using an overlay technology called PiVOT, short for Personalised View-Overlays for Tabletops, the clever panel allows multiple view zones to be set up. For instance, the top right corner could display a specific piece of video for one user, while people looking from another angle sees something entirely different.

It's all done via the positioning of someone from the tabletop and clever display technology, something that's shown to great effect in the demo video. Sitting away from the tabletop, onlookers are treated to a view of a world map. As someone steps up to take a closer look, points of interest on the map reveal themselves, but not at the expense of what everyone else is viewing. A physical marker can also be placed on the tabletop screen to reveal more detailed information.

We've seen this sort of technology before in the form of those expensive TVs that can play two different images at the same time from differing angles – and it's even found in certain high-end in-car entertainment systems – but the added touch interactivity is rather cool to behold.

[Bristol University via GizMag]

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