Picture messaging finally heading to iPhone

Rejoice, fans of fully functioning mobile phones. Because today your iPhone is readying itself to join the picture messaging revolution. Yep, the lack

Previous apps have been hit and miss, or just restricted to US punters, but the latest offering is currently being tested and is rumoured to be heading to the App Store at the start of 2009.

Each operator will apparently get their own branded version, so expect something blue and watery to go with O2's marketing guff when we get it here in the UK.

The question still remains though – why does Apple still insist that this isn't a big deal? We're all partial to some picture messaging, so why not have it from the get g?. Here's hoping that Mobispine's app will be free. Chances are though, that you'll need to stump up to download it. Rubbish.


iPhone 3G

Price: £From free

On sale: Now

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