Pics of new iPhone leak out

There's certainly been no shortage of new iPhone gossip to keep us occupied in the past few weeks. But it looks as if the first snaps of the new model

This shot of the matte black iPhone 3G comes from MacRumors, who point out that iPodObserver, who picked up the pics from China, were the first chaps to publish early images of the current glossy black model.

Word is it'll have a textured back for better grip, with the new paint job bringing an end to the hellish fingerprints which blight the blower the minute you lift it from its box.

Obviously Apple is saying absolutely nothing about this. But surely this 16GB version is a good idea of what we can expect when Schiller or Jobs offers up a newbie some time in June or July?

What do you think? A sign of the future or a complete fake? Let us know in the comments section.