Photoshop Touch comes to the iPad

Finger painting gets the tablet treatment in time for us to work outside for the summer

Adobe has just announced three Photoshop Touch iPad apps to sync with your desktop software, meaning graphic designers can get away from their dark studios and decamp to the park. Although on first look, the apps seem more playful than professional.

Available from the App Store in May, Adobe Eazel creates paintings from your finger impressions and lets you play around with ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ paints on screen.

Adobe Color Lava lets you mix colours to make swatches to move over to Photoshop. The last - Adobe Nav – even has 16 customisable tools like picking colours or zoom. What they haven’t given us is Photoshop for iPad - so sticking heads on bodies they don’t belong on will have to wait. Unless you’re at your desk, of course.

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