Photoshop CS6 gets a moody new look and on-screen brush previews

Adobe posts YouTube video detailing improvements to Camera Raw and Photoshop software in forthcoming Creative Suite package


Photoshop is getting a moody new look, thanks to a darkened UI spotted in a sneak peek on YouTube.

The video (embedded below) shows a number of improvements to Adobe’s Camera Raw software, which has been rewritten to allow greater control of shadows and advanced localised image work, before going on to show Photoshop CS6’s new look.

The darker backgrounds bring Photoshop into line with the likes of Lightroom, and can be adjusted to one of four greyscale tones.

Aesthetics aside, we’re seeing a major improvement to setting up brushes, with an on-screen preview that shows size, colour and hardness, as well as other details.

None of this is as mind-blowing as CS5’s amazing content-aware fill, but we’re sure Adobe has some more tricks up its sleeve for the next edition of Photoshop.

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