Philips unveils Cinema 21:9 TV

Philips has been promising us something groundbreaking since inviting us to a big launch event in London in two weeks time. But it seems the Dutch tec

The name itself is a bit of a give away. The new LCD is the world's first cinema–proportioned TV, and Philips will be hoping it will kickstart a revolution in HD tellies. It essentially means that when you crack open that Blu–Ray of Quantum of Solace in a few weeks, it won't have those pesky black bars at the top or bottom of the screen. Instead the picture will fill the whole TV.

The new screen measures 56in and will pack in the same Ambilight tech found in Philips' top–end TVs. It's all set for an official UK release on 29 January, and we'll be there to coo, take some pics and bring you all the details as we get them.

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